AK48 (Afghan Kush 48)

Here at Royal Greens, we think that Out-Door Weed sometimes gets a bad rap. But, nothing beats this Afghan's unique flavor, or even looks. It was born outside, it should be grown outside.

Lemon Haze

Our Lemon Haze is a perfect side strain for your summertime BBQ. Lemon haze is sure to send smiles around your table like you’ve never experienced with such a potent high. 

RPG (Royal Purple Greens)

Our sweet mellow strain has grown in a magnificent way this season. This strain is sure to be a brilliant purple crowd pleaser for any summertime activity where weed is involved. 

Blue Dream

We’re not one to brag, but our Blue Dream is simply the best you’ve ever had. There sweet, heavy and delicious. Fill all of your glass bowls, pipes, joints and you’ll see just what we’re talking about.

Canna (CBD)

Not only are our Canna's our pride and joy of CBD family, but they also are a huge crowd pleaser for the body effect it brings upon inhaling. 

AD/AK (Atomic Dog / Afghan Kush)

This will be the second year AD/AK's have been bathing themselves in the Prosser sun. We like this strain because it finishes in late September.  


Perfect for all occasions, our Cheese is sure to knock your socks off. Gifted with soft tones and a touch of sweetness our Cheese gives you something to talk about. 

Our Products

Purple Diesel

OK, they’re not just gorgeous, they are purple and organically grown. We even have a fantastic 3-Joint Pack.  Just wait until you try it!